Color Personality Test: What’s Your Personality Color?

It’s uncommon for companies to use color as part of the personality test to determine what is your best personality to create a cooperative and productive workplace.

The personality color test is not as simple as picking your favorite color but it contains a series of questions to help determine what type of personality you have.

Regardless if it’s due to convenience or general acceptance by employers, this personality test is a staple for pre-employment.

The Importance Of Personality Test

Employers are not searching for candidates with the ideal set of technical skills and work experience under their belt.

They desire to hire individuals who have something exceptional to offer such as an outstanding personality or a strong set of soft skills. 

Employers may feel more encouraged to hire a person with more growth potential and a better cultural fit at the expense of less experience. 

To search for people with great cultural fits, employers are always on the lookout for individuals with excellent soft skills such as:

  • organizational skill
  • communication skill
  • time management
  • interpersonal skill
  • creativity
  • work ethic
  • teamwork
  • adaptability
  • problem-solving

To determine if candidates have the soft skills or personality fit that employers are searching for, they will conduct a test like the personality color.

True Color Personality Test

Don Lowry designed the true color personality test in 1978 to measure four basic learning styles:

  • independent thinkers
  • pragmatic planners
  • action-oriented
  • people-oriented

All learning styles represent color and each individual can have a unique combination of all colors. The result of this test helps to understand an individual's characteristics.

Using Personality Tests For Your Benefit

The most significant aspect of understanding your personality is that it will help you at work.

It can help you determine which career path to choose, how to develop your career further, and what kind of jobs to search for based on your personality.

A solid understanding of your unique personality trait will help enhance your personal development like how to interact with others when to relax, find your motivation, and manage stress or pressure.

Be thoughtful about personality tests because not all personality tests are accurate.

Types Of Color Personalities

Red Color Personality

This color indicates that the individual has a dominating personality as they tend to prefer to do things their way.

A person with a red color personality often does not have a high tolerance for people who are impulsive and overconfident may put them at odds with those having a yellow color personality.

One of the major drawbacks to the red color personality is Fear of failure. Hence their occasional need for approval from others to ease their insecurities.

Sometimes, a red color personality may not work well with others as they selfishly take all the benefits for themselves.

Due to that, they have a strong desire to be competitive and confident to ensure they win no matter the odds.

At times a red color personality can be selfish and does not work well with others as they prefer to reap all the rewards for themselves.

Orange Color Personality

An individual with an orange color personality can be described as a person that enjoys socializing and being in the company of people all the time.

As their presence is not that intense and they are not the judgmental type, when it comes to working, they prefer to go hand-in-hand with like-minded individuals.

This personality type is extroverted and enjoys competing against others to prove themselves as the best.

They are always eager to ignite new excitements and burst with energy in the workplace. They never missed any work opportunities that come their way.

At work, they strive for the freedom to explore their ideas and the independence to act upon them.

Jobs that need the use of a multitude of skills are best suited for this type of individual and they do not work well in a cubicle managing the same daily tasks.

Yellow Color Personality

They have the most energetic and outspoken personalities among all the color types. Regarded as happy-go-lucky type individuals, they tend to not take things seriously.

Even in the most desperate situation, they would seek out their companions for support. Like the red color personality, rejection is what they feared most.

The person with a yellow color personality is the most loyal and exceptional team player in the workplace due to their friendly behavior. They desire peace and despise conflict most of all.

In most situations, they are quick to make decisions and often impulsive. They have high mental energy which allows them to think quickly and become an excellent problem solver.

Most of all, they have a broad knowledge base on various subjects and are often the first person to come up with fresh new ideas.

Green Color Personality

The green color personality possesses the calmest demeanor among all others.

They are a great listener and tend to be supportive of other people's causes. Due to their supportive tendencies, they at times can be easily taken advantage of by their peers.

An individual with a green color personality tends to be calculative and think logically which makes them unlikely to make any rash decisions. Which also makes them skeptical of people whom they first met.

At times they lean on being a perfectionist and devoid of all emotions at work.

People who belong to the green color personality type are considered very expressive and emotional. They are open to expressing their feelings which allows people to read them fairly easily.

Most of all they do not pretend to be someone they are not as they are truly sincere. Their social skills are exceptional and have a huge network of friends and acquaintances.

Blue Color Personality

Considered perfectionists, they have a sharp eye on every detail in any task involved. Sometimes they may appear as unemotional and not bothered at work.

The desire for a sense of peace and harmony in their everyday life is essential. Their biggest concern getting criticized for their work.

A person with a blue color personality can be pessimistic, have low self-esteem, and easily get bogged down in the details.

Daily meditation and personal time for reflection, introspection as well as self-discovery will help maintain their composure.

In the workplace, they obey rules and respect authority. Unlike other personality types, people with a blue color personality type can work well either as a subordinate with a high degree of independence or a leader capable of making important decisions.

In most cases, they tend to stick with the best practices and proven methods instead of innovating on their own.

Purple Color Personality

Having a purple color personality shows that the person possesses a gentle and free spirit.

He/She will always be there to help others due to their tendency to be compassionate, understanding, and supportive towards other people before their self-interest.

They are introverted and tend to give out the impression of being shy although. Being the free spirit, they are eager to explore new challenges and connect with new people at work.

At the workplace, they prefer to stand out for their individuality instead of being part of the crowd.

They are not fond of copying others and are not pleasant to people that copy them.

At times they can be selfish, and self-indulgent and dislike being forced upon by other people’s beliefs.